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Minders Kidz After-school program emerged from Minders Kidz Summer Camp in the summer of 2012. The After-school focuses on creating a safe and wholesome environment using creativity in expression that enables children learn and grow.  

Through our creative arts program (drama, music and dance), as well as educational and recreational activities, our children learn skills that will help them in school, life and health.  Our program nurtures, inspires and empower our children to enhance their sports abilities, their artistic talents and gifting.

Students have the option of participating in one or all of these activities each week; which builds their self-esteem, confidence, self reliance and poise; gain self discipline and ability to organize and prioritize.



Program Features

Minders Kidz will provide transportation from your child’s school to the center. Minders Kidz schedules an homework period of 30 minutes Monday through Thursday where our staff helps each student focus on their homework, offering tutoring as needed. Children are organized into smaller groups during homework time to help increase individual help. Parents are updated daily on the progress of homework completion through check sheets sent home. This process allows parents to know whether their child still has homework to finish at home that evening.




One of the key components of the Minders Kids program is its club offerings. Clubs are  designed to incorporate the children’s interests with the fostering of new abilities and talents. Clubs also eliminates the pressure for those children who feel apprehensive about joining outside activities. Parents also benefit from Minders Kidz many club offerings by not having to drive their children to numerous extracurricular activities.

Children can sign up for club activities such as: Dance, Drama, Music or Design Club.  Each club will last for approximately two months and then offerings are rotated.

Minders Kidz ventures out on many field trips throughout the school year. Information about specific trips are shared with parents monthly. Bowling, swimming, and movies are examples of trips we may take over the course of a school year. On half days and days of off school Minders Kidz plan and implement interactive activities/themes for students. Some examples of exciting theme days are Olympic Day, Nature Day and DJ Dance Party Day!


Kids Night Out

These are special evenings out planned for children in Second grades and up.

A typical Kids Night Out may include dinner and a fun activity away from the center on a Friday evening. We could go play laser tag, Pump-it Up, or head to a Movie Theater.



About Us

Our students engage in courses and activities that challenge their mind and fosters learning in Effective Writing, Math, Language Arts, and Science.


Address: 7915 Belle Point DrGreenbelt, Maryland 20770Phone 301- 830-8511


Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Telephone:301- 830-8511 Email:

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